Salon Line


About Salon Line: Salon Line is the leader in the hair cosmetics market in Brazil. For over two decades, it has been developing exclusive products for all types of hair. It is a brand that respects women and their ethnicities, offering quality products and content aimed at their audience.


Project participation: UX/UI

Methodology: Design Thinking

Challenge: redesign the Salon Line website. Propose a new visual identity, information hierarchy and e-commerce integration with the blog.

Solution: clean website, new colors, new applied typology (new fonts), with greater emphasis on products and search engines. In addition to a complete menu with quick access to the various sections, Salon Line’s new e-commerce (leader in the segment in Brazil) also houses a section with exclusive content on women’s beauty and style.

Tools: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Jira, Miro, Microsoft Teams

Status: published